June Paralegal of the Month

SPI is proud to announce Nadine Bethune as our Paralegal of the Month for June!



SPI is honored to be able to showcase such a strong, intelligent woman as our paralegal of the month!

What got you interested in becoming a paralegal? 

I was deferring law school and wanted a career that would incorporate law as well as a flexible schedule.

How long have you been in this field?

21 Years

What is your favorite part of being a paralegal?

Being part of a team and having a common goal.

What tips do you have for time management?

Try to anticipate the needs of your team. Block time in your schedule for tasks that may come up. Sometimes attorneys don’t tell you all the details of a deal. You need to anticipate certain tasks and ensure you have time to complete them. They key is to be proactive and NOT reactionary!

What do you find is most challenging in your daily work flow when it comes to being a paralegal?

Lack of team communication. Try to let your team know that helping you help them is a win-win.

What do you do to relax after work?

I love to walk in the city and in the park. People watching is the best!

What are your hobbies or favorite past times?

Fashion design. I used to have my own company. I also love to travel and plan on going to England in the fall.

Do you have a favorite saying or motto?

‘Make It Happen’